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Arcigay, founded in 1985, is today the main national organization for the defense of the rights of homosexuals operating in Italy. More than 160,000 members and associates are part of it.

Arcigay is registered with No. 115 in the National Register of Social Promotion Associations (APS) at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies with Decree No. 96 / II / 2006 of 03/16/06.

It is divided into 112 territorial realities, of which 41 provincial committees – & nbsp; www.arcigay .it / local , 5 regional coordinators and 66 affiliated recreational associations (bars, discos, saunas, restaurants, cultural clubs) – & nbsp; , distributed in 44 Italian provinces from Bolzano to Ragusa. The national Arcigay headquarters is in Bologna, in Via Don Minzoni 18, the national president, since 2007 is Aurelio Mancuso.

Arcigay is a non-profit social volunteer solidarity organization, which aims to fight against homophobia and heterosexism, against anti-homosexual prejudice and discrimination. It is committed to the achievement of equal dignity and equal opportunities between individuals regardless of the sexual orientation of each and for the affirmation of a full, free and happy homosexual condition.

These objectives are pursued through the organization of aggregation and socialization initiatives, the activation of personal support services, the promotion of the visibility of homosexual people in society.

Arcigay fights for the promotion of the right to physical and psychological health, for the abolition of discriminatory regulations and for the legal recognition of homosexual couples.

It acts in a perspective of dialogue and confrontation with institutions, parties and trade unions, of alliance with other civil and social promotion movements, of contributing to the more general defense of civil liberties, individual and collective.

Since its inception, Arcigay has continuously collaborated with the Italian Ministry of Health and with the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, engaging in the organization of prevention and information campaigns against HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, also through training courses, self-managed counseling centers, friendly telephone lines, street units, research activities. He is a member of the AIDS Association Council at the Ministry of Health.

The association operates in the field of culture and information, in the training and updating of social health workers and school staff, also in collaboration with associations of students, teachers and parents of homosexuals. The training courses for secondary school teachers on the subject of Arcigay’s sexual orientation have been recognized, since 1999, by the Ministry of Education.

The association is part of the table of youth associations promoted by the Ministry of Social Policies.

Arcigay is involved in various planning projects for the fight against discrimination in Europe in application of Article 13 of the European Union Treaty. She is a member of ILGA, International Gay & amp; Lesbian Association.
Joining Arcigay is simple: just go to one of our clubs (political or recreational) spread throughout the country with an identity document. Personal data is protected by absolute privacy.

The cost of the card is 15 euros and its validity is annual from the day of registration. Registering is necessary to finance the political, cultural and recreational activities that Arcigay has been carrying out for years to defend the rights and improve the living conditions of homosexual citizens.

Arcigay – The Italian Gay Association –
Bologna – Via Don Minzoni 18
Tel 051/6493055 – Fax 051/5282226